Facilities - terms and conditions


Single duplicated copies are normally produced within 2 working days of delivery/acceptance of material to/by KLA. Bulk duplication - by negotiation.

Copies (up to 100 copies) will normally be produced within 5 working days of delivery of material to KLA. Urgent orders and orders in excess of 100 copies - by negotiation.


On collection - cash or cheque are accepted, the latter with Banker's card only.


In accordance with copyright law KLA can only duplicate material:

  1. which is out of copyright;
  2. where copyright is held by the customer(s) and/or the duplication is carried out with the written consent of the copyright holder(s).

In the latter circumstance the customer must provide a copy of the written consent of the copyright holder(s) to KLA before duplication can take place.

DVD Compatibility:  

KLA produces DVD discs (DVD-R) that are compatible with a wide variety of DVD players (around 90% in total - but a higher percentage for more recent models). Prior to accepting a job KLA will check the customer's player against a list of suitable (and unsuitable) models which is compiled from a series of industry sources and regularly updated. Where KLA have provided a disc on the basis that the customer's player is on the 'suitable' list but the disc fails to play on that player KLA will either refund the duplication charge on return of the disc or replace it with a DVD+R disc. However, where the customer opts to take a risk on a machine which is either on the 'unsuitable' list, not on the list or where the player model is unknown, KLA will not accept any responsibility for the compatibility of the disc supplied.


All reasonable care is taken of customers` material but in the event of damage KLA's liability is limited to the replacement cost of blank tape/disc.

reading the legal  fine print

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