Printing from Video

Although video gives the impression of movement this is an illusion. Each second of video footage is actually a series of 25 individual still pictures viewed rapidly one after the other thus giving the appearance of movement.

So, it's like having a camera that takes 25 pictures every second allowing you to choose which one is best. With our sophisticated computer editing equipment we are able to identify each individual picture in your video footage and then either print out that picture or save it as a computer file that could be attached to an e-mail or displayed on a web page.

How often when taking standard still photographs have you realised that the best smile or the most critical action was just BEFORE or just AFTER you'd taken the photo. With video you can move forwards and backwards in time to select just the shot you want.

This service can be combined with film-to-video transfer which means that frames from archive film can also be printed out providing colour images often not otherwise available.

Prices include a set-up/selection charge which is naturally dependent upon your source material but final prints can be as low as just £3.53 per A4 photo print and can include more than one frame per sheet. So, it's not expensive.

Advice on packaging and posting your media to send to us, can be found here.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Why not contact us now to find out how we can help you to capture that critical still from your video footage.

image grabbed from video
Example of a photo
'grabbed' from video

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