CD-ROM Production

We offer a two-tier CD-ROM production service - 'Basic' and 'Authored'.

THE BASIC CD-ROM service involves capturing video material to our computer, encoding it to the desired format (eg MPEG1, QuickTime etc.) and mastering it to CD-ROM.

Costs are VAT EXCLUSIVE and calculated as a sum of these three stages of production.

Costs for capturing video from your source tape:
e.g. from VHS, S-VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, DV, DVCAM

01 - 18 minutes
18 - 36 minutes
36 - 54 minutes
54 - 72 minutes
72 - 90 minutes

Costs for  encoding:

£2 per minute

Costs for mastering to CD-ROM:

(Note: £5 supplement for each additional encoded file)

01 - 15 minutes
15 - 30 minutes
30 - 45 minutes
45 - 60 minutes
60 - 75 minutes
75 - 90 minutes

Costs for additional copies of the CD-ROM:

£6.00 for first copy* then  £2.00 per copy*

*Optional additional charges are 45p for text/graphics on white background printed direct onto disc face, 10p for polypropylene slip case, 20p for jewel case and 45p for insert cover/tray liner.

The above charges are subject to an overall minimum charge of  £14.00.

THE AUTHORED CD-ROM service employs Illuminatus Opus authoring software enabling interactive CD-ROM design to the client's specification providing anything from a simple customised screen with just a few menu options to sophisticated menu navigation. As this service is so wide-ranging it is not possible to quote a standard cost. However the cheapest authored option (eg a 15 minute movie requiring a single customised menu screen and 'play' button) would typically cost around £80.00 plus VAT to produce onto a single CD-ROM. Additional copies would cost the same as for the Basic Service quoted above.

All charges are exclusive of VAT and any postage/delivery charges

Advice on packaging and posting your media to send to us, can be found here.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here

Please contact us to discuss any projects that you may have in mind.

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